My opinion about FRESH N LEAN

I have tried the following

Meal Title: 1st review

Mediterranean Diet Mediterranean Salmon:

The meal has 36g of protein and 470 calories

I really liked the salmon it was great, also the tomato, eggplant, olive and goat cheese were good. The kale however was inedible.

Keep a lookout for future news about my taste testing.

Meal Title: 2nd review

Mediterranean Diet: Guajillo Chicken with Cauliflower and grape tomato

The meal has 28g of protein and 400 calories

This meal was very tasty but I would of liked more chicken and less cauliflower. The chicken was cooked fine and so was the cauliflower but as I stated seem like mostly that vegetable.

Meal Title: 3rd review

Mediterranean Diet: shrimp with roasted Cauliflower Also included were a few grape tomato and a small amount of spinach.

The meal has 31g of protein and 430 calories

I liked the shrimp had an excellent sauce on them and over the spinach and tomato’s only negative was the skin on the tomato’s was very tough the directions did say 2-3 minutes maybe the skin would of been ok at only 2 minutes

Meal Title: 4th review

Mediterranean Diet: Teriyaki chicken breast with green beans and quinoa

The meal has 41g of protein and 520 calories

The chicken was very good as well as the green beans. I however did not really care for the quinoa.

Meal Title: 5th review

Mediterranean Diet: Cilantro-lime Salmon with roasted broccoli

The meal has 34g of protein and 470 calories

Salmon and broccoli very good but it had a lot of sweet potato that was very bland.

Meal Title: 6th review

Mediterranean Diet: Caribbean Jerk Chicken Bowl

The meal has 34g of protein and 480 calories.

Jerk chicken bowl was very tasty I liked it.

Meal Title: 7th review

Mediterranean Diet: Mediterranean Chicken with artichoke tapenade and rice

The meal has 40g of protein and 430 calories.

Chicken was very tasty I liked it.

Meal Title: 8th review

Mediterranean Diet: Sesame Chicken / Bok choy & rice

The meal has 30g of protein and 430 calories.

Chicken was good did not like the bok choy & rice

Meal Title: 9th review

Mediterranean Diet: Mediterranean Turkey burger & ???

The meal has 24g of protein and 410 calories.

Burger was good did not like what came with it

Meal Title: 10th review

Mediterranean Diet: shrimp & chicken sausage with mushroom

The meal has 30g of protein and 420 calories.

This was good could eat again

Meal Title: 11th review

Mediterranean Diet: Chicken sausage with white beans

The meal has 29g of protein and 410 calories.

Sausage was good beans were too under cooked for my taste

Meal Title: 12th review

Mediterranean Diet: Moroccan Salmon / Moroccan vegetables / chermoula grains

The meal has 43g of protein and 640 calories.

The salmon was fine but the vegetables and grains were not to me.

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