Last bits of August 15th 2023 tree branch that killed power

Had to use my truck to drag the branch to the back of my house to be able to use power tools.

I recommend the tree service below.

M & T Friendly Tree Service, LLC

telephone : 919 931-4368

facebook : m&t friendly tree service

I am not able to comment on their prices as I have not used anyone else. I will however say that I am very pleased with the service. They removed some extremely large trees with out incident to my home the first time. It turned out that several of them were rotten and hollow in the middle.

Today they got here when they said they would and got right to work dropping the two leaning trees that came down on August 15th with the storm that came through with all the power outages. They were also able to drop the tree that was right next to the utility wires that supply power to my neighbor and my home. That tree had to be at least 150 feet tall.

August 15th storm issues on McDowell Road and Durham in general

Power went out sometime between 3 and 4 PM on the 15th of August. Trees are down all over Durham along with almost all traffic signals out. To be noted the businesses across from South Square are with out power although during hurricane Fran they did still have power.

Photo’s of power issue on McDowell to follow. First the night then daytime photos.